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Are You Achieving Your Full Player Potential? (Part I)


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Are You Achieving Your Full Player Potential? (Part I)




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Increase Your Alt Family to Fully Increase Your Potential (More Alts = More Storage = More Gold for less crime, better crafting & fuller potential)

- Start with 540x Storage Space (And collect these valuable items for more COD sales & save over 35,700g with this valuable option!)

Crafty Banking Solutions for Blacksmith Crafters (Stop Trait collection overload & see how long it takes to research everything!)

Popular Items That Sell (Huge list of valuable items to sell - make even more gold!)

Free Storage Space Makes Good Sense (The cost of having a full Alt team - is it the right choice for you?)

The 'Good Ol' Hey-Days' and Today (Has the new Justice System really increased opportunities and stolen item values?)

- Bank, Bag and Horse Upgrade Prices (All the storage option levels with prices, plus a simple, at-a-glance, crafting cost analysis)


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Increase Your Alt Family to Fully Increase Your Potential


For those of you that are new to Elder Scrolls Online and those that are not so new, I'd like to offer some game-play tips and advice that I've found useful from the start of a new game all the way up to Veteran Rank 5. If you've been in game since launch or even before, you'll know all the changes that have taken place. From game play tweaks to full-blown bug fixes. And with the inclusion of update 1.6, the game has evolved so much, with many new additions that it's now more that just a questing game, with more than enough to keep any player busy (even confused**).


I'll begin by explaining to new players their Character Creating potential in ESOTU. Which allows each player the option to make 16x Alternate Character's in ESO for each account. That's 8x for the North American server and 8x for the European one. 


That's a lot of character builds anyone can create. But you'll probably only use one server or the other, as right now there's little reason to use both, unless you want to use the available one, while waiting for the other to update.


The first thing I did, when beta-testing, was to create all 8x characters for NA. And I did this to register all my character names before they were taken, as it seemed to be what experienced MMO players were suggesting! 


Later, I realized it was nearly impossible to duplicate my personally created names, but it was insurance that payed off. Because, not only did it give me 8x unique Male & Female characters to try all the different builds on, but more importantly, I also had the largest free storage base you can begin with. 


This turned out to be a successful banking model that's served me through the early development of all my crafts, up to today. In fact, I now think it's the best foundation for the development of anyone's game and I highly recommend it.


Here's why...


Everyone gets 60x bag slots for each character and an additional 60x shared bank space at the beginning of a new game. Now I contend, that 120x storage slots isn't enough to play though the game and try to develop more than a couple of crafts. You'd be better off with 540x FREE storage slots right off the bat, by creating a full, Alt mule-team and then you won't have to worry about upgrading storage for a long while, even with all there is to find and collect in the game.


For the average new player, 1x character is probably all they think they need to play ESOTU. Well, it is and it isn't. That's certainly the way to get right into the game and start playing, but it isn't the best way to set you on a course to realizing your full potential.


It's far better to start as I did, because you'll overcome one of the game's most sinister challenges – trying to afford your next storage upgrade when all your slots are full! Trust me and you'll thank me later, because you'll soon realize to acquire more storage will cost you increasingly higher amounts of Gold to purchase 10x measly slots! 


Recently, Zos implemented a major update to add the Justice System which in my mind was intended to address the difficulties players were having affording more storage space. Now you can steal your way to better bag space and enjoy doing it.


Although this does, address the problem of affording more space, it can force you into a life of crime, which is a not only a risky business, but it gets boring real quick attempting to raise the amount of funds you'll need for the higher storage costs. (See “Storage Upgrade Prices” table below.) And then there's the problem of the bounty to deal with and perhaps even being forced to live in the countryside!


I still believe that beginning with all 8x characters gives you all the storage space you'll need to start becoming the player you are supposed to be, and more quickly than any other way. At least that's been my experience.


Zenimax wants you to play the game your way, but unless you know what you're doing, that's probably going to be the worst way! Because when you finally find out you're a victim of dwindling storage and Gold, you could become discouraged by these challenges unless you know how to overcome them. My advice is, don't get into that situation in the first place and build for the future!


Trust me, I've developed all crafts starting with 540x slots and been able afford further storage upgrades up to 766x for a total of 117,600g! This was only possible because I had enough storage to enable me to make more Gold.


The trick is to know what valuables sell well and what the current prices are for them. Knowing this, you can confidently stockpile as much as you can to sell in bulk, or as you find them - depending on how much storage you have. 



Start with 540x Storage Space


I always take out of Tutorial as many weapons & armours as I can carry and a few saleable items. When these are sold or deconstructed, I'm left with 1/4 of my bag and 1/3 of my bank full and a little Gold to go towards my first bag upgrade. And I've still got a total of 500x storage left between my 8x bags and bank to start my crafting interests! 


If you start your game like this, you should have so much space available, you'll be capable of dedicating each of your Alt's to holding mats for one of the 6x crafts that you're interested in and still have room for other collectables you'll find in game, such as Armour Sets, Trophies, Motifs, Traited research items etc.


TIP1:  Did you know that the Training trait is the most difficult to find in-game? For this reason Zos has given players this trait in free equipment at the beginning of each game. Don't be like me and sell or deconstruct these items as you'll be looking forever for them during game play. Instead, research them all as soon as you can and you won't be stuck finding them later. (Don't know what a Trait is, just Google "Traits in ESO" for a complete description on the subject.)


Another thing you'll realize with maximum storage, you should be able to hold onto all those valuable armour sets and weapons you find as loot until you find a buyer ready to purchase them at market price.  And other good items to hold onto are the one's that have a high turn-over like blue and purple recipes and blue Racial Motifs. (Purple & Gold motifs are ideal money makers at 22K-50K Gold each, but you probably won't be finding these until much later into the game as they are rare, especially the Imperial motif which is very rare and sells for 50K Gold.)


Blue Racial Motifs and recipes are typically found lurking around towns hidden in chests, desks, cupboards and night stands etc. inside private and public buildings. And according to Zos' forum on the subject, Racial Motifs can also be found... “in structures in areas that are out of the way where other players are fewer”. However, be prepared to do some stealthy stealing to acquire them because this is the only way to find them (in public places) since the 1.6 update was incorporated into ESO. 


These items I consider to be high turn-over sellers because would-be Blacksmiths want them all the time, and it's not unreasonable to expect to sell at least 20x motifs to several different players in one shot – they're that desirable. 


The same goes for blue recipes, which are harder to find, but that's what makes them a pricier item and worth stockpiling. You're now beginning to see the best way to fast-track your new game and get crafting hard-core style. It's what I did and it's only possible if you start off with all the storage space you're allowed, so be smart and take my advice, you won't regret it. 


Other valuable and sought after items you'll want to save are Special Armour Sets & matching Weapons. These may not be the same HT-O items as motifs or recipes, but they do fetch some good coin. And when you reach Rivenspire be prepared to collect a few complete sets if you do all the locked chests there.


And so, these are a few easy ways to make more Gold for more storage slot upgrades when you need them, if you're persistent and determined. And if you're an avid explorer as I am, you'll need to keep an eye on your available space all the time and get ready to start doing chat sales in '/zone' to unload some valuables. And that can be fun watching the Gold pour in.


TIP2: If you're new to the game, you'll find the chat box in the lower left of the screen. You can access it via different commands that have various range effects which you can learn at your leisure as they aren't necessary here. I refer to '/zone' chat, as that's how you reach everyone in your region or zone, by typing /zone and hitting Space bar or Enter. 


Of course, you'll have to increase your bag and bank space several times during your game play simply because of the vast amount of important items supplied you'll want to collect. And a full, Alt mule-team does make storage upgrading more financially forgivable.


Consider this, if you only play with one main character, you're first 10x slot bag upgrade is 400g and the next 10x slots costs 2,000g, and it gets progressively more expensive with each upgrade, as you'll soon see in the Storage Upgrade Price chart below. But with 7x extra character's, you'll have the first option repeated 7x times for each character! That means you can buy 70x more storage slots for 2,800g instead of the maximum 5x upgrades, or 50x slots for 38,500g for a single character! That's quite a savings don't you agree?


I haven't really dealt with stealing much here as I'm not heavily into this skill. If you want to pursue a life of crime to make untold amounts of illicit Gold and Xp in the new Legerdemain skill line, I suggest asking around the Guild for further advice. There are some skilled thieves that can steel from anyone's pocket, where unknown treasures hide. It's not the lifestyle I'm looking for, but it might appeal to you.



Crafty Banking Solutions For Blacksmith Crafters


Here's another tip I think you'll appreciate...


IMO, I think the equipment crafts are the most labour and material intensive of all the professions. These include Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking. And if you choose your profession in one or all of these, you'll not only need a large variety of item materials for all the set-levels but also tempers and style mats to collect. This will require some heavy-duty storage options to reach your full, crafting potential in any or all of these skills. But with some decisive management, you should have no problem getting everything covered with extra Alts to help.


The worst collectibles are the weapons & armours you need for research... You have to hold onto them for so long before researching them... or do you?


And you can fill a bank really quickly holding onto research items until you eventually need them! And I mean holding onto dozens of items for months at a time. And when you're ready to research them, it's usually one-at-a-time for a single toon, unless you're really lucky to use up three items at once with all the skill upgrades! I know, I've done it this awfully slow and inefficient way, regrettably.


Have you ever done the calculation to show how long it takes to research one item? I have, and it's a pretty long time. As you can see in the chart that follows...



Total Research Times for Equipment Traits

Research Times for 9x Traits for each item below = 6hrs, 12hrs, 1day, 2d, 4d, 8d, 16d, 30d, 60d. This represents a total of 306x research items for all equipment listed, including 'Nirnhoned'.


                Hvy Armour     Weapons        Light           Medium        Woodworking

                1  Cuirass          Axe                 Robe           Jack               Bow

                2  Sabatons      Hammer         Shoes         Boots             Frost Staff

                3  Gauntlets      Sword             Gloves        Bracers          Lightning Staff

                4  Helm             Battleaxe         Hat             Helmet           Fire Staff

                5  Greaves        Maul                Breeches    Guards           Healing Staff

                6  Pauldrons     Greatsword    Epaulets     Arm Cops       Shield

                7  Girdle             Dagger            Sash           Belt


Ordinary research for one item of equipment with no skill upgrades...


                                                                           MONTH 1

           1st Item      2nd               3rd            4th                       5th                                              6th

           6hrs   ..12hrs..   ..24hrs.. ..48hrs..  ..96hrs (4 days).   ...................8 days.....................>

            Day-1, 2nd Day,  3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th

          8a-2p   2p - 2a    8a to 8a   8a - 8a  ----9am - 9am----    --------------9am to 9am--------------->


                                                                                7th Item

            ................|   ....................................................16 Days...................................................>

            17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 25th, 26th, 17th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st

            ---------------|   -----9am to 9am--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->




                                                                              MONTH 2

                                                                                8th Item

      ..16 Days............|  ...................................................30 Days..................................................>

      1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th

      --------------------------|  ---------------------------------------------9am to 9am--------------------------------------------->


     ...............................................30 Days................................................>

     19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th





                                                                               MONTH 3


     1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th



Total time to completion = 66 Days approximately, for one Trait item... Nirnhoned adds another 45 days with all skill point upgrades or 60 days without!




(One can only estimate the time to research all the equipment items in total. If all the skill upgrades are in place  that will reduce research times globally, by 25% each, however fewer upgrades will increase the time. I completed all the equipment research with all skill upgrades in late-June of this year. That took 12-months roughly (from the time I started last year, 2014), to complete all the equipment crafts at level VR5! And I still haven't found Nirnhoned to start that 45-day (estimated) research for each equipment item listed above.)


Now you can see just how long you'll have to hold onto dozens of pieces of equipment while researching everything. It's an unreasonable length of time when you don't have a lot of storage space available in the first place! But then, Zos didn't intend to make the game easy enough to whip in a few months. Naturally, they want the game to endure for years with enough challenges to keep us all interested. And I'm not opposed to that at all, because I'm a problem-solver and I thrive on challenges!


Slim down your bulging bank with this weird little trick...


So, if you've been following me 'til now, I've got a simple solution to get around your research items clogging up your bank. If you've invested in 7x Alts, this little trick is magic, but it also works less efficiently for any number of extra characters. 


The trick is to NOT hold onto all your research items for months until your main character can research them. Let all your Alts research items while you're waiting and free up storage space! That will finally stop research, equipment overloading your bank - if you begin doing this before things get out of hand. This will make your life so much easier especially if you use a full, Alt roster. (This is something I wish I'd discovered at the beginning of the game!)


TIP3:  If you use this trick, make a note of which Alt has what items researched, so when you get around to needing it, you know where to find it easily. This will also help quickly identify newly found items that can be deconstructed for materials and Xp. But better still, find one or more crafting buddies your level, to trade Traited items with and that way you can empty your bank rather that stock it! And what better place to find great friends than in The Fearless Guild!



Popular Items That Sell


So you're collecting valuable items everyone else needs and then selling them for bag upgrades. And some of the more popular items are quite pricey! Take for instance, 5-piece Special Armour Sets which can sell for 250g or more (depending on their level & colour), and rare mats like Tempering Alloy which currently sells around 3500g each


Here's a list of valuable mats to help new player, guildies make more gold with COD sales... 


           Price each        Other Valuable Materials with Current Average Prices in Gold

(Average prices will change over time from Guild to Guild and Addon to Addon)

                    152g             - Columbine (Alchemy - Reagent/flower)

                    612g             - Daedra Heart (Daedric Style mat - for crafting armour & weapons)

                    125g             - Denata (Enchanting - Aspect Rune stone)

                    172g             - Deni (Enchanting - Essence Rune stone)

                    250g             - Deteri (Enchanting - Essence Rune stone)

                2,200g             - Dreugh Wax (Clothing - Improving Resin - from Epic to Legendary )

                   416g             - Dwarven Oil (Blacksmithing – Improving mat – from Fine to Superior)

                   142g             - Edora (Enchanting – Potency Rune stone)

                   463g             - Elegant Lining (Clothing - Improving mat - from Superior to Epic)

                   141g             - Embroidery (Clothing - Improving mat – from Fine to Superior)

                   716g             - Grain Solvent (Blacksmithing – Improving mat – from Superior to Epic)

                   163g             - Jode (Enchanting – Potency Rune stone)

                   400g             - Kura (Enchanting – Potency Rune stone)

                3,736g             - Kuta (Enchanting – Aspect Rune stone)

                   188g             - Makderi (Enchanting – Essence Rune stone)

                   353g             - Mastic (Woodworking – Improving mat – from Superior to Epic)

                   145g             - Namira's Rot (Alchemy - Reagent/flower)

                   105g             - Odra (Enchanting - Potency Rune stone)

                   538g             - Rekuta (Enchanting - Aspect Rune stone)

                   141g             - Rera (Enchanting - Potency Rune stone)

                2,300g             - Rosin (Woodworking – Improving mat – from Epic to Legendary)

                3,500g             - Tempering Alloy (Blacksmithing - Improving mat – from Epic to Legendary)

                   160g             - Turpen (Woodworking – improving mat – from Fine to Superior)


Then there are weapons & armour Traits that some will pay good Gold for, just to research. I remember one VR player who bought Pauldrons with Training from me, as she said she couldn't find them anywhere. She paid me 2,000g for a pair of level 1's! But you'll have to keep an eye on zone-chat to catch these lucrative requests.


Without the space to collect any of these items, you'll be forced to either sell lesser items at a great discount or destroy them just to make room in your bank. I think you'll agree that throwing away gold to make gold is the least efficient means of acquiring it!


And so, if you start with 540x slots, you can keep all your valuable items until another player advertises full market price for them. This way you should never be short of Gold and you can put it all down to having all your Alt slots filled from day one. IMO storage space directly relates to GOLD acquisition... the more you have of one the more you can have of the other.


(Another benefit of having 7x Alts is, they increase the chance of finding more valuable items in buildings... ie. the Daggerfall bank. I keep my toons here and every time I log one out and another one in, it increases the chance of the containers re-spawning. This doesn't happen at all on the European server where I have only one Alt in the bank. I have yet to find one Racial Motif there, instead of the usual 4 or 5 a week in DF!)



Free Storage Space Makes Good Sense


If you can't afford bank upgrades at the beginning of your game, don't worry. You now know there is FREE storage available with every extra character you create. I've heard players complain in the forums that there isn't enough space for everything they've collected but then admit to having only two or three Alts! That doesn't make sense to me, thery're obiously more interested in complaining than using a mule-team to relieve their storage problem.


I'm not one of those complainers. And since I started with a full, Alt crew I haven't struggled with storage issues. I believe storage issues boil down to personal management and that's about it. For instance, when I've needed more space, I've either sold or disposed of unnecessay stuff, re-stacked items that needed it (runes were bad for not stacking correctly) or bought the next upgrade. And I've always been able to affort it one way or another. No problem with that.


Alt micro-management isn't easy tho. Depending on how many of your crew have crafting professions, it could take hours attending to their respective crafts and leveling them all at once. Also, I needed numerous lists for my known Traits, armour sets, and other craft particulars to separate what I needed from what I didn't. This helped me whittle down my impressive collections to a more reasonable size increasing my income and bag space. It does take longer with more Alts but if you can do this, it makes a good play, strategy. 


Then there's the constant logging out and in again to access your Alt's bags and bank space, and that might be a legitimate pain for those with patience issues and slower comps. Unfortunately, it's the price you have to pay to play this way.


When it comes down to it, this style of play won't satisfy everyone. I understand that, but I also understand what frustration players have to deal with, from time to time, when they run out of storage when they need it most. I could just say that all games have issues that players either accept or don't accept – you have the option not to play the game. 


But I prefer to offer guild members real solutions that I've discovered to keep them enjoying this terrific game. Hopefully I can help ease at least some player's game difficulties and help them realize their full potential.



The 'Good 'Ole Hey-Days' and Today


Earlier versions of ESO, allowed anyone to take anything from anywhere without concern. Now, with the Justice System update for ESOTU, taking anything is clearly marked stealing. But in the early days it was easy to collect any mats and even find rare items like the Imperial Racial Motif, without concern. Those were the hey-days when everything was free and financial opportunities were plentiful. 


In today's ESOTU the opportunities are even better...


In the 'hey-days' I collected and sold blue Racial Motifs between 250 to 350g. And I started with over 40x, not knowing what to do with them, until my item intake started spiralling upwards and they had to be sold. 


Nowadays, I've seen those same racial motifs selling closer to 500g each. And if you have the space to stockpile them you can make a lot more gold selling them in large numbers. And this will fuel your storage upgrades nicely allowing expansions when needed (depending on how many motifs you can find and save)


Just try this with only two or three Alts and full bags and your bank carrying all your crafting mats. I bet you'll be forced to sell anything you find, one at a time, just to keep from upgrading. And good luck making enough from single sales to afford 10x more slots after you've exhausted your first upgrade. I think you see what I'm getting at. 


Thank the Nine for the Injustice System - Lol...


Nowadays, the new Justice System has made it harder and riskier to find these valuables but that just pushes the price up, doesn't it? And that's not a bad thing for sellers. In fact, any entrepreneurial businessman should be taking advantage of ESOTU's new changes... maybe even by stockpiling valuable items now, for sale when the prices stabilize at a new high (maybe when the new console players come online in early June, where you might make a killing)... it's just an idea.


But as your character levels up it does get harder to store all the higher level things you find and the need for more space is always a nagging concern. I've heard some VR players have increased their bank space to 190x slots to accommodate everything they need! Looking at the cost, list below, you can easily calculate just how much gold 190x bank slots would cost. It's a whopping 394,200g... that's a lot of Racial Motif sales – 789x @ 500g each, to be exact!


As storage goes, you'll find bank space is a little more expensive compared to bag slots. Following is a break down of the storage upgrade prices you're likely to encounter. 





        Bank                                            Bag                               Horse

   To    70x   =    1,000g                To    70x    =    400g             Maximum 60x bag slots

           80x   =    3,300g                         80x    =    2,000g          1x slot upgrade = 250g

           90x   =    6,800g                         90x    =    5,900g          Total for 60x = 15,000g

          100x  =    11,400g                      100x  =   11,000g          

           110x  =  20,500g        Capped 110x  =   19,200g

           120x  =  28,300g                                         ---------

           130x  =  32,700g                          Total = 38,500g

           140x  =  37,500g     

           150x  =  42,700g                                         Storage available with 8x toons  = 480x

           160x  =  45,000g                                         Approximate full crafting needs = 680x

           170 to 240 cap in 5K amounts to 85K     For 200x Bag cost for 8x Toons  = 18,700g

           Total for all upgrades = 769,200g             Equivalent Motif sales @ 500g  = 38 (19K)

 (My total expenditures for bag, bank and saddle bag space for all 8 characters is 117,600g for 766x storage slots at VR5. That's equivalent to 235x Racial Motifs!)


* * * * *

To continue onto my many Gold Making Suggestions including How to create your own Micro-Guild with up to 250x personal banking slots or how to get over 1,000x additional slots... and the rest of this article (to continue your search for the answer to my little contest), please select here.



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Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree with the idea of having alts purely for bank storage. Mainly due to ZOS's 8 toon, 3 deletion regulations. Wtf ZOS? I hope we get things like appearance changes and name changes at some point!

The first toon I made, I ended up scrapping because I didn't like her name (lol shallow I know - see my previous point!) but she acts as my storage dump. It is useful, but the idea of have more than one toon for that purpose seems a little excessive. Feeding your horses on all of your toons is the best (an cheapest) way to increase your storage. Plus, being in a friendly guild like ours you can just ask in guild chat if someone can make a particular item for you for research purposes. I know if I'm on with my crating toon, I usually say yes  And if I'm really bored, I may even log to make it for you!

My tips:

-start researching early.

-have one main crating toon, and invest in tannin/resin/temper expertise. At max improving items costs 2 green/3 blue/4 purple/5 gold. That being said, always decon blue items or better by your crafting toon, don't sell them!

-spend skill points to unlock extra research spots. The 4th upgrade has limited utility until you are researching the 8th or 9th trait. So save you skill points there.

-get the hireling!! They bring you awesome stuff. This one is worth maxing out with skill points. Provisioner brings you purple items, and the crafting wenches frequently bring blue and purple improvement items. Sometimes gold!

-don't sell off the improvement items that you gather. They may fetch a pretty penny, but you will be kicking yourself when you reach endgame and you need to buy them all back again. 

-use Wykyyd's mailbox addon to autobounce mail off a friend (they also need to have it installed, just tag "RTS" in the subject- without "). It allows you to keep looting when you bags get full!

-it is worth getting your alchemy to level 50 on all your toons. Expensive (by means of harvesting even god forsaken plant and water node you come across), but the passive that you get to increase potion duration makes a difference.



What are you talking about 8-toon 3 deletion policy Sput? I haven't heard that one before. Please clarify.



From what I've read, the 3-Deletion policy doesn't say anything about not being allowed to have 8-toons as mules. I've read others suggesting to do this and I've had them from day 1. Please clarify you concerns about this Sput. 



Oh, sorry that's not what I meant!! 

I was merely suggesting that creating a character purely to be a mule would perhaps not be the best idea. Especially if you were to make 7 of them straight off the bat without becoming familiar with the way the game works. Maybe people are less obsessed about race/class/combat role/(name!! ) combinations than I. So I guess I would support the idea of 1 mule. But I recognise we all have different ways of doing things! 

I loved being a Bosmer archer in Skyrim. So of course my first toon was a Bosmer archer, whose name is my @ name. I stopped using her at lvl 8, and shelved her, but only recently decided to use her as a mule for items. Because not utilising created toons at all is the real waste! Especially when the 2nd toon I made was exactly the same, but with a different name (and slightly less beautiful, I may say so myself!).

8 toon, 3 deletion: on the log in screen down the bottom right i think, it says x/8 suggesting that you can have 8 toons at any one time. And it also says 3 deletions remaining. So technically you can create 11 at this point in time, but you can have 8 active toons. I think the possibility of having more deletions is something that ZOS may consider in the future.



Yeah, like I'm saying in my article, there's no real reason to stop a player making all 8x characters from day one. Whether they make them as a mule or to save their names or just to try out every build for each sex... it's their choice. And like you said it would be senseless to not use them for storage when needed. Thanks Sput for that.

And by the way, I started making all my chars right off the bat, and it didn't mar my game in any way, my play-style or crafting or learning curve. In fact, I believe it helped me, but for more on that, you'll have to finish all of my article, if and when I get it all posted.


For those of you that want to know what the 3x Deletion policy is about, it was designed to thwart 'bots, botters' from setting up in the game. Apparently bots are regularly deleted to improve farming.

And it's been working nicely I might add. And it does not mean you can make 11 characters, it just stops you deleting more than the number of Deletions displayed withing 24 hrs of each other. It is discussed on the ESO forums - try "3 deletion policy ESO" for more.

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