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New Ranking System- i know i already changed it and now i've changed it again, gosh darn ghost you suck XD

* Peddler - Default
* Dealer - 10k a week
* Trader - 25k a Week
* Merchant - 50k a week
* Master M -100k a week

Starting this new Selling week, so at the end of the week i will rank people based on their sales. that will stay your rank even if you sales drop. But if your sales have dropped below 2 weeks in a Row you will be ranked down.

Sales Raffle,
* if you sell 15k+ a Week you go into a Mini Raffle seller of the week.
* if you sell 25k+ a Week you'll go into a Separate Raffle with Better prizes.

Note: people are asking me all the time, You (DO NOT) have to enter the Raffle, it is not a requirement, just a request from me, the Gold from the Raffle is to support our guild trader, without it we cant sell, no one will make gold without it.

Pleaseeee, try keep all your listings above 100g in the guild store.
If you need help to know whats best to sell just mail me, @Ghostfarts or just Post on here & everyone can Comment and help you out smile emoticon

Also as guild leader im always down for people Opinions and Ideas about stuff we do, stuff we don't do and event ideas or if you'd like to Run events for the Guild.

Yes! you may invite people to the Guild.
G > Roster> E
We are recruiting Active Sellers/taders & Veteran Ranked members smile emoticon

- Stay Fearless
- Ghost

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