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Part I


i - Preface

I've written another self-help article in Forums, for Noobs of all levels, entitled, "Are You Achieving Your Full Player Potential?". I'm told it's a good read as it contains simple tips & tricks you can use to overcome the more prevalent peeves in ESO today. 

Without revealing too much here, I'll just say that I show you how to start, right off the bat, with more bag space than any guild bank can give you (500+)! And if that isn't enough, I'll explain how to easily make small crafting guilds that have up to 250x extra storage space for each of its members - both of these great tips will kick start all your crafting and delay the need for extra storage until you can afford it!!


But there's so much more...


How about learning the secret of why you're not making enough Gold and how to save more than 35,000g in storage costs!!! Yes, my comprehensive article contains many more useful tips & tricks to optimize the start of your new game - it's a great primer for noobs of all levels! I guess that's why it's been called "a good read". (Now you can easily access only the parts you want through the self-explanatory Table of Contents... and the easy contest is still running ; )



FYI: There are several very cool, unique and unregistered names within the copy of this article. If you find one there is a chance it hasn't been taken yet if you are one of the first to read this short tutorial. Therefore, take it immediately if you want, or it may be gone the next time you return. (If you take such a name please let me know.) However, if you find most of the names gone by the time you find this article, don't think you're out of luck altogether... I have more than 200 carefully crafted names in three tiers of special lists (one tier better than the next) reserved for auctioning to Guild members ONLY. Either ask me, Ghostfarts or Cellobuddy how to get them and we might have an auction! Happy hunting- Vey.



_ __ ______ͽөѪӁѪөͼ______ __ _

Written by Veyonda-Quaess © 2015

All rights reserved



TA B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S


i  - Preface (Brief synopsis of my article "Are You Achieving Your Full Player Potential?" in Forums)

1 - Introduction (Rationale for Previous Article and this one & What this article teaches)

2 - Important Suggestions for Your ESO Character Names (General name creation tips and special characters)

3 - Name Creation According to Zenimax's Terms Of Service (Officially what can and cannot be done & Simple naming tricks & Random names)

4 - What Style of Name Do You Want? (Random, Classic-Lore, Humorous, Cool, Power, & Dominant Names Explained & What is Poetic Rythm?) END OF NAMING TUTORIAL


5 - Overview of the Creative Process (My general name creating process & Definition of Creativity & Getting inspired)

6 - To Describe Your Build or Not (General discussion)

7 - Special Çharäctérs (How to find special character letters & How to use them)

8 - Name Generators (Description & Good Online examples)

9 - List Of Adjectives (The 1st part of simple Random name creation as described in chapter 3)


10 - Fearless RP Names Clearing House (Collection of over 400 FREE RP Names for all your characters)

11 - Sir-Name Ideas (General Sir-name ideas)

12 - Names By Build Category (10 Sample names for every class)

13 - Lore Names (WIP... Argonian, Dark Elf, Imperial, Khajiit & Orc Lore-type names)


* * * 


1 - Introduction

If you read my previous article, then you know I ended it with this conclusion... the average player doesn't know how to name more than a few alternative characters (Alts) and this leads to seriously stunting their potential. Also they don't realise the game is made for a full Alt team and that not having one makes crafting and acquiring Gold & Bag upgrades much more difficult. IMO, this is one of the reasons why the New Justice System was introduced to help with easier storage acquisition for those with limited characters. 


Explanation: There's no doubt about it - Zos designed the game to work around maximum Alts, not only because it maximizes player storage but because they know how important storage is to growth potential. However, they may have misjudged the average player (noob), as my research reveals they haven't realized this illusive fact yet, and don't start with maximum Alts, on average. Prior to v.1.6, this resulted in a player complaints campaign to address the lack of storage options available for the immensity of collectibles in game. Zos then had to brainstorm a quick fix to the terminal 'full bags & no gold' syndrome that was plaguing the average noob! 


This potentially, game-ending problem only arises when players don't use more than a few Alts to start their game and then start collecting everything they find! Subsequently, they quickly put themselves in a frustrating dilemma - full bags and limited ways to make gold for more bag space! IMO, the Justice System was devised, with easier gold acquisition (thieving), simplified provisioning & recipes and free collectibles' storage, to ameliorate the dwindling storage & gold problem. And it was an instant success but it bought about a different kind of problem... Confusion.


And so, this realization got me motivated to advise others that having an extra 7 Alts would help anyone achieve a fuller potential and make the game more rewarding. And so, it was inevitable that I follow up this suggestion with a name creating tutorial to help Fearless members, that want to follow my suggestions, but don't know how to create cool names for all their extra characters.


The fact is, no matter how helpful my suggestions might be, they aren't going to help anyone that's reluctant to start a new character because they're not inspired with a better name than, 'Poopy Pantsalot7401'! Lol. Don't get me wrong tho, I think humorous handles are fine but I'm guessing you're tired of them by now and really want a very Cool one. Well read on, because I'm about to give you the tools to make your very own or else give you a list of hundreds of FREE RP names for the taking- if that's what you really want! 


And so, at last, I've finally finished my Name Creation Tutorial. And I've included some more exciting revelations to motivate you to enjoy the game like never before and also help you achieve your full potential in style.


So, the purpose of this short article is to show Fearless members how to create some awesome character names using common, Zenimax & player naming conventions currently in fashion today. This should enable everyone interested to better develop their character(s) for a more rewarding player experience.


By the end of this tutorial, you should understand all the different ways to successfully create any ESO name you could ever want. It's only dependent on your level of creativity and time available to develop your RP identity. 


But to make this possible, I've had to identify six types of name styles that are in current use. These different styles or categories will make it easier for anyone to better determine what type of name they want out of all the possibilities available. 


And if you don't feel you've got the resources to create something awesome for yourself, you can always choose something from my extensive list of already created handles. After all, it is much simpler choosing a name rather than creating one. (Be quick in choosing tho as the best are sure to go fast!)


Before we get started...


When you think about it in a real life context, our everyday names have been developed from tradition whether it be religious or contemporary. And they've remained relatively the same for a couple of thousand years! And there are an endless number of them to choose from when naming your new family members, so this task has always been one of choice not creation. 


MMORPG's are a different story though, as typically there isn't a library of names available to choose from in these fantasy worlds. It's up to the player to spontaneous create their own. This calls for new naming conventions that must fit these games, and that's the responsibility of the game developer. 


Naturally, Felicity or Fred just isn't going to cut it anymore in an MMO and so, this is where creativity Rules in the character naming process. However, we haven't been expected to be creative with names, and thus the common problem with making cool ones in a fantasy world devoid of such choices.


As you can see, it's not the average players fault that they tend to draw a blank when trying to decide on cool game names for their Role Playing characters. If we're playing solo it doesn't matter what we call ourselves, but in an MMORP game, we're now seen by potentially millions of other players world-wide. And the tendency is to create any kind of humorous handle to begin our fun.


Well, that might be acceptable for the less serious Role Players, but I know there are more serious players out there that would love a handle that inspires and motivates them to play the game well and be respected for it.


Although, I think there should be some players with the balls to name their PC "Hairy Chest Nuts", there should also be the mature and serious crowd that like the real fantasy names like Xena Dragonheart - for full variety. And that's what this article will deal with... identifying common types of names and showing how to create the type you want during your ESO experience.



2 - Important Suggestions For Your ESO Character Names

Here are important things to remember for better name creation. Firstly, create a name that isn't offensive or vulgar or Zos may force you to delete it! Then, you want something that's really unique, that others will remember and be able to spell easily for COD mailing purposes. But additionally, you should be able to make a nickname from it so you can be quickly specified in Group Chat. A really good name should have the first three letters make your nickname, but that isn't an absolute rule, just an added bonus. 


For instance, my own character name, Veyonda, has a good three letter nickname and is memorable and easily spelled. However, another good name I've registered is Draeck Zaviour, but it doesn't have a nickname like Vey (unless you like Zav). It's still easily remembered and spelled and is descriptive, of a healer build. So, because of this and the creative spelling, it's one of my favourites.


Because of these important considerations, I always carefully decide how to spell a good sounding name. Because you don't want it to look ordinary like Jane or Thomas, that would defeat the purpose of fantasy Role-Playing. Therefore, I've included contemporary spelling conventions from Zos`s contributions and from other Elder Scroll games in order to upgrade your labels to something more suitable - ie. Jaen & Tomaaz


So, let's start with the word Daedra. The use of 'ae' is a common theme in ESO and is considered part of Elder Scrolls Lore. I use this a lot in my names instead of the typical phonetic equivalent of 'ai' or 'ay'. Another common, English phoneme is 'ea' which I hardly ever use for ESO names. Again this is only a guideline not a rule.


Lore conventions to develop your name... use: ae, a, aa i, ii, u, uu vowels... avoid using: ea, e, c, f, s... and omit unimportant vowels, ie: Grundl...


Instead of 'ea' in a name I'll use 'ii' for the same phonetic sound – if it works visually. Another Zos naming convention I've noticed, is the downplay of the more common letters. For instance: E, C, F, and S. I don't see a lot of important game names starting with these. Also, there seems to be more use of uncommon letters to start names, like V, Z, Y and W. 


Don't get me wrong, it's not a rule that you don't use 'S' or 'C' etc. to start your name, it's just a lore based option. For instance, I personally like to use the 'Q' letter instead of the letter 'C' as it's less commonly used in the English language and you can create some cool and unique appearing names with it. Therefore, using these conventions in a way that creates an unusual and unique sound and spelling, seems to be the Zos method of creating cool NPC & Daedric names. 


TIP 1: Your name is going to be recognized more by sight than sound. Therefore, it can be made more visually appealing with the use of speçial châractërs to make your name appear more unique. (See below for a short list of special character codes.)


Another move toward uniqueness is the use of special characters in RP names. There are numerous ones available such as: Ü, å, and æ for've probably already seen them in Tamriel as they are becoming quite popular now. These characters are acceptable in game and don't pose any problem with the game system, which accepts and displays them in character creation and the mail. 


The only drawback I can see, using them, is if you start your name with a special character (Äli). For instance, suppose someone wants to mail you something and doesn't know how to create the first letter of your name? They'll be stuck and you might not get your mail! So, consider this type of use seriously.


Remember, the name search display is the only way anyone's going to be able to select a special character name if they don't have the codes to create it.


(Explanation: I have tested this on single characters only in v.1.6 (Ä), and discovered that if you type the name in full without the special character (Ali), the name search system will display it as intended, to complete the transaction normally! However, I didn't test all characters and don't know if this will work on double characters (Æ), so be warned. In addition, consider if the mailer gives up too early, trying to type a long name, you won't get your mail. That's why I don't suggest starting your name with a special character unless you don't mind not receiving your mail. Finally, this doesn't apply to names with a special character embedded a few letters deep into the name (Alisôn). If the name search system has enough to work with, it will display the name properly, 100% of the time - no worries! I suggest leaving the 1st and 2nd letters free just in case, unless you want to test it yourself.)



3 - Name Creation According to Zenimax's Terms Of Service

Zos let's players have a lot of flexibility when creating their character names, so let's have a quick look at what you can actually do when creating your Avatar in ESOTU.


Zos' summarized rules on name creation (quoted below) can be found here:


QUOTE: “How much flexibility is there in the character naming system?”

“Players can use more than one space in their character. In fact, the current limit is a maximum of four hyphens, apostrophes, or spaces in total, so players can come up with all kinds of names, like Nh-yen the Ter-Grol. Names can be up to 25 characters long. This should be especially convenient for players who want lore-based names for their Argonians or Khajiit!” UNQUOTE


For the original fansite/discussion go here:


For Zos' full, Terms Of Service, go here:


In brief, Zos has a strict policy dealing with vulgar and offensive names. And they are quick to react to complaints regarding them. It seems that if your name offends anyone enough that they complain, you could be forced to DELETE that name before continuing play. This even includes using other peoples real names, famous or not - if the real owner doesn't like you using their name or someone else finds it's use offensive, it's prone to prompt deletion.


(I found a perfect ESO name online belonging to a famous person now deceased (Babba Vanga) that had all the skills of an ESO character. She was even a blind clairvoyante which would have made her a perfectly original ESO character build as well. However, because of the TOS, I decided that it wasn't a good idea to offend anyone revering such a famous historical icon [with such a frivolous use]. So, I decided famous people are not always a good choice for character names either - you might get away with using it for a while but then again you might not. I'd just like to make it quite clear here... you use famous names at your own risk.)


And so, now you know how to properly start creating your new ESO name, understanding officially what can and can't be done. Now there are only a few things to decide before continuing with your name creation...


Possible considerations: 

1. Do I want a Lore or other type of name for my character? 

2. How many characters do I need names for? (Depends if you take my suggestions seriously)

3. Should my name(s) reflect my character build or not? (Depends if you want to change weapons later)

4. Do I want a serious name or humorous one? (Dependent upon long-term playability)


So, now you have a better idea what you're looking for, let's begin with a few general name creating ideas that are available to anyone with a simple interest in role-playing in ESO. You don't have to be super creative for any of these methods to work either. But for the more serious RP'er, you may want to look to the next section which caters to better name development.


For MMO Noobs here are some simple tricks to naming your PC(s)...


Try this simple, creative idea… take two ordinary random words – one an adjective (see link at end for more) and the other a noun like, Dismal and Nugget for instance. Now, either use them together like this: DismalNugget or merge them in such a way as to make an entirely new name! Like… Duggan Stel or Stella Duggan. You can be as inspired as you want because that's the idea here.


Now this might not be what you're looking for ideally, but with a bit of practice you could fine-tune this into a successful method of making cool names, especially with better starting words. This is actually how I made my Finaale Vanquiss (fin-ah-lé <> van-kwis) character from the words Final and Vanquish. (Notice how it hints at 'final victory'?) And it uses Zos's creative naming conventions as well making it look as cool as it sounds. Actually, it's a totally unique and powerful name in a class of it's own, but more on that in a bit.


Here are other real, simple methods anyone can use to craft acceptable character names (perhaps for bank Alts?). For instance, you can start with your first or last name along with a made up one (Mike the Liar Too), or just use two words you think sound cool and fabricate something that combines them both, like Jade Dragon...(sorry, it's already taken – how about Jaded Dragün instead?) 


You can even use Elder Scrolls, name generators that can be found online (see below), or if that doesn't work for you, how about using two very different random words (CosmicKat) or even old/famous sayings (Adventure is the Child of Courage) or common phrases like: Health & Safety (Elf & Saefty), popular movie heroes (Hellboy too), other MMO names, famous people or characters (St. Lawrence [CDN river] Fishbum, Miley Cyrus), to mention a few ideas where good names might be found. 


Actually, the above examples are a method of name creation currently used in ESO today. I call it random name creation as it can start with any random words.


This brings me to my first name style or category...


What many ESO players seem to be doing today is making names up from ordinary, random words that sound fitting or funny together. Random name creation is the first and simplest type of name creation method in my name styles list.


Random names are exactly what they suggests, a collection of randomly chosen words (including real names) that don't necessarily have any relation to each other. They can range from being really oddball to sounding like a cool name. For instance, Heli-Opolis, PhantomBanana, Vandos Periwhen, Jen the Defiler, Lady Ely Isis, Nova Storm, Dark Meet, or Highly Flameboyant for a few examples of different random name types.


None of these can be considered real names by any stretch of the imagination... they're pure fantasy. But that's what creativity is... imaginative, and you either have it or you don't. IMO, this is the essence of the conflict between Vulgarity vs Creativity. It's easy to be vulgar but much harder to be truely creative. (And in between we find many that are neither - the more serious random name players.)


It's not a big leap for any creative person to see the possibilities in some of the names I've already presented here. Take 'Highly Flameboyant' which adds a creative twist to the word 'flamboyant'. Can you also see another name within the word? How about Flameboy? Did you get it?


If you didn't see the creative connection, don't sweat it, you're not alone. You may be among the many that find it difficult to think out of the box. And there's nothing wrong with that, except when it comes to fantasy name creation, of course. You have to let your imagination go wild and that's pretty hard being trapped in a boring box all day! Don't you think?


So, now you know a little more about the most common type of names floating around Cyrodiil today. There are a lot of Random names out there. You can see what sort of names are being used by checking out some PvP gameplay videos on Youtube. In the first 10 minutes of play I spotted 13 (out of 15) unique Random names – everybody seems to be doing it.


(FYI... the names spotted in a Youtuve, 'PvP gameplay ESO' video: Axeel04, Unborn Furball 25, jihadjerry666, SWAGhummus 420, Mythodude, StubbiestWeevil, CalDaego, GingerBreadCrumb, xThunderRatsx, BartXman, Civic Python 7308, XxDarKKoN972xX, zxKIRKYxz)


The other 5 types of names in my category list are: Classic-Lore, Humorous, Cool, Power and Dominant. Including Random, these make up the six name styles I'll be covering in this tutorial. Understanding these popular types should help you to decide the type of character name you want to develop. 



4 - What Style of Name Do You Want?

Here you can decide on what type of name you really want by looking over the different styles and choosing the best suited to your creative ability. The six choices are all you need to choose from. If you already have a name you want to improve on, you should be able to use any of these development methods to help fashion something cooler if you want.


Random: These name types are probably the most used in ESO today judging from their frequency and how easy they are to craft. Just look around the game and see for yourself. They also seem to be completely unique (unless using Lore or iconic names like Jade Dragon) which makes differentiating them with numbers, unnecessary and passé today. 


Classic-Lore: UESP-Wiki's have collections of every race name used in Elder Scrolls games since the beginning of the franchise. It's an excellent place to start researching lore based names for more serious RP characters. Every name is included in detail from other ES games including ESO. These online sites are dedicated to one particular race - just Google for a race to research it. The information there should educate you on how to create your own race name. So, be prepared to modify what you find there, as it's believed, all the names have already been taken


(Rationale: Classic-Lore names were never intended as player names for MMO's - there aren't enough names to go around, but they are the only appropriate naming resource available. Therefore, it's up to the player to modify them or create their own using whatever naming conventions exist for that race. The Khajiit race has it's own Honorifics available in an ES book, but I don't know about the other races. Therefore, take the Uesp-Wiki's information as the official guide on the subject.)


TIP 2: Because there aren't enough Lore names available for every serious RP player, here's what you can do... i- create a unique first name with the surname. ii- Consider using a middle name/initial, iii- include a hyphen or ' apostrophe to gain uniqueness, iv- use Roman numerals [Alderon III] or v-use the spelling conventions here to modify a lore name or use special characters - or anything you can think of to make your name unique. But if that doesn't work, then you'll have to resort to number differentiation. Refer to this discussion threat for more insight:


Humorous type names are a style that doesn't require explanation. They can be of the Random style name and are in some way, funny. It's a wide open field. So if you think you're a comedian, take a stab at making a punny name. But be careful, humour can be a double edged sword if it doesn't appeal to your audience. You've heard of comics 'dying' on stage and jokes being 'used to death'?! 


Some humorous name examples are: Elf n Saefty, Reverend Richard Buttlove, This Name Isnt Taken, Ifyoursoperfect Healyourself, Pancakemix, Cunning Stunt, Denis Picker


Cool names sound cool and use powerful icons in their presentation. They're not particularly creative, but can pop up in other MMO's because of their popularity. For instance, here are a few good Cool names... Jade Dragon, Helljinx, Nova Storm, Death Dealer, Tamriel's Terminator, Thunder Kat, Dyna-Max, for instance. 


There isn't anything more to these style of names than sounding cool, especially with no creative meaning or purpose to them, or else they'd be a different class of name I call Power or Dominant names. However, they do seem to be idolized for their coolness.


Another interesting, naming resource are medical journals. Here I found the term Blunt-Force Trauma and considered it as a name. As names go, this isn't really very creative, but it is a very cool and fitting one IMO. It would go well with a DK build or a blunt weapons player. However, it does put you into a bit of a corner. 


For instance, if you decide to change your weapon to Bow, it wouldn't apply anymore and you'd be stuck with an inappropriate name. But it's still a good example of a cool name, suggesting another resource for your naming research. 


(This is probably one of the reasons why some experienced players like to stay away from names that define their play style or build. It's too confining and restrains their character to the particular build the name implies. So keep this in mind when designing your perfect character name. Will it still work for any future build changes?)


Consequently, I think it would be wise to gravitate toward general type names and stay away from the rigid types that restrict radical evolution, unless you decide to never change your build or weapon (or if Zos decides to give the player control over changing their names in a future update). Are you listening Zos? Hint. Hint.


Power and Dominant names are in an iconic class of their own. They're better all round at being unique sounding and creative and very much respected (or feared). They're the sort of serious name that others can't imagine ever creating for themselves. I have to say that they are the more difficult to craft because of their creativity and descriptiveness. On a scale of 1-10, these names are a 10. 


There are certain names that just sound cool and iconic – Dragon, Galaxy, Puma, Cosmic, Epic, Legend etc. ... they're names that suggest power, immensity, achievement... power in their sound and suggestion and sometimes even how they're spelled out. Sometimes, Power and Dominant names also have an additional attribute applied to them – 'Poetic Rythm'. But a little more on that in a bit.


Power names are not only cool sounding and creatively unique but also good-looking as well with a powerful essence to them. They're the second highest class next to Dominant names in my naming hierarchy. And they require a bit of creative but not as much as the Dominant class and are not as iconic. Here are a few good examples of Power names of mine; Veyonda-Quaess, Finaale Vanquiss, Slaed Vengenz, Critikaeli Dethrill.


This type of name requires an advanced creative process to fashion over all the previous. It takes uniqueness to a whole new level and makes a powerful presentation. Power names can be generalized attachments that will fit anyone, or even be skill specific.


To create a powerful name you'll need to get out of the box, and start creating new and unique word associations. I do this sometimes by accident or chance... a name will just come to me and I'll make a strong word association that sticks. For instance, I used to work with someone named Slaid and thought that would be a really good RP name. And so I developed it's lore-style spelling (Slaed) and started looking for the right second name.


When looking for something to follow a cool first name, it's important to keep in mind the intention of the handle. The word slayed is definitely a little threatening and therefore I wanted a suitable counterpart. Then it has to sound right... it's no good using letters that clash, as this is heresy for the tongue... you want a name to sound pleasing or effortless to pronounce.


So I started looking at normal words that could be useful and I stuck on 'vengeance' and adjusted the spelling a little to make it lore friendly but still easily recognizable. In this case, 'Vengenz' just sounded and looked right. And because I don't really like using unaltered, real words for names, replacing the 'ce' with the 'z' just made sense. And because of the strong association these two names make, I was assured that it made a powerful RP name.


TIP 3: Not all names like the above have to be serious... try a serious name with a silly one and see what happens, ie. Dragon + Poop, Trinity + Diaperash, Phantom + Banana, Erica Von + Blam, Triton + Dribble! In other words... 2x funny words = silly [poopy pants], but 1x serious + 1x silly = funny! Now you try to create a good one.


Dominant names:

Finaale Vanquiss, Babizokahh, Ozzul Guiimoth, Dragula Von Sire, Vaxindrula Novocaen.


One of the attributes of the Dominant name, is it's flexibility. It can reflect your character role or not... it's entirely up to the creator! This is the reason why Dominant names hold top rank because they fit so perfectly with a player's intention. However, they are not for the amateur.


Dominant names should be epic, iconic and poetic. They should look as good as they sound. They are the crème de la crème of creative labelling IMO.


Poetic Rythm

Part of the attraction of some Powerful and Dominant names is in something I call poetic rythm. A poetic name can sound 'sweet' to the ears when spoken. It must roll off the tongue effortlessly and invokes a sublime satisfaction from it's utterance.


So, what is poetry? To me, it's when then the first part of a name effortlessly flows into the second. Take these two names as an example...


Greg Gould




Ariana Grande


Do you see how the mouth stumbles over the second and third G's in the first name? The second name doesn't have that problem. The tongue smoothly transitions from the first name into the last. There's also a pleasant syncopation or pace, when sounding the words... Ari-ana (1-2), Gran-de (1-2) (as opposed to Greg [1-2] Gould [1-2-3]). And it's almost satisfying in some way – it makes you like to say the name. That's poetry.


And all poetic names have this smooth pronunciation and balanced syncopation. And pure poetry is music to the ears. If you know how, you can find phonemes that belong together and sound new and enticing (like some of Zos's Daedric names). And you'll know you have a winner when you hear it.


Don't worry if you're not so creative, you can still make some really good RP names with some easy coaching from someone that does it so well on a professional basis. I'm referring to Zenimax/ Bethesda. 


Zos' Elder Scrolls naming conventions are probably the best in the MMO/gaming industry in IMAO. I'm always amazed at the uniqueness and poetry of some of their Deadric Generals' names. Some of them are phonetically exquisite and inspiring, like...


Vonshala, Gedna Relvel, Anaxes, Yggmanei, Hrelvesuu and one of my favorites, Ozzozzachar


I'm always trying to emulate this type of poetry and have indeed created some good Daedric names, but not for RP'ing unfortunately. As some guildies have warned others of a favorite name I've posted in chat (Eqizialuu Wrathlveth), “If you use that name, everyone will probably attack ya!” Well, now I know how the poor, rejected Daedra must feel, lol.


And so to conclude...


You can improve any name by employing many of my suggestions found here. And you'll feel a certain satisfaction from making your own cool handle. We've all seen good ones wandering around Tamriel and sometimes enviously, wondered how they came up with them.


Well, I hope you've learned enough from this little dialogue, to get you started making your own nom de choix. Good luck with your character names and if you use my Name's Clearing House resource (below) don't forget to either let me know what's taken or mark them so we can help keep the names list up-to-date for others to use trouble-free.


This concludes my name creation tutorial. Thank you for your interest - Vey.



∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ͽөѪӁѪөͼ ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ 



Part II & my Names Clearing House link is here.



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