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TA B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S



5 -  Overview of the Creative Process (My general name creating process & Definition of                       Creativity & How to get inspired)

6 -  To Describe Your Build or Not (General discussion)

7 -  Special Çharäctérs (How to find Special Character Letters & How to use them)

8 -  Name Generators (Description & Good Online examples)

9 -  List Of Adjectives (The 1st part of simple Random name creation as described in chapter 3)

END OF PART II (with link to Part III)

10 - Fearless RP Names Clearing House (Over 400 FREE RP Names for all your characters)

11 - Sir-Name Ideas (General Sir-name ideas)

12 - Names By Build Category (10 Sample names for every class)

13 - Lore-Type Names (WIP... Argonian, Dark Elf, Imperial, Khajiit & Orc names)



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5 - Overview of the Creative Process

You might be wondering about now, how I really come up with some of my character names. Well, that's a difficult topic to explain. But I'll give it a try...


I've been creating cool names for several years now. It all started when I was playing another great Bethesda game: Oblivion. I became so fascinated with it's vastness and creativity that I began writing my own quests and needed names for my NPC's, and that's how it all started.


Since my early days of struggling to come up with good fantasy names, I've actually now begun to conjure up good ones. And by that I mean, they'll just come to me, like pop up from nowhere and more often than not, they'll be what I'm looking for! And whatever I'm doing, I'll have to stop to jot them down or else forget them entirely!


However, there is a general process I do adhere to when I'm not conjuring a good character name...


1st - Decide on a particular or unusual letter to begin my name, ie. O or U, V, W, X, Y             or Z... (remember the letters V & Z make great esoteric names)

1a  - Find a good word or name to start with and try changing the first letter to any              of the above or any other letter of the alphabet, ie. 'beyond' to 'Veyonda'

2nd - Develop a unique sound starting with letters that are uncommonly seen                       together ie. yrz & nthl

3rd - Develop further with lore-friendly spelling to accentuate the unique sound...                 Yraznthl (too Dwarven)

4th - Decide if it makes my Role Playing name list or is archived

5th - If name is 'conjured' then decide if it's RP worthy and then develop spelling and           add to lists


That's generally how I create my RP names. It's not that difficult really if you're a creative and serious role player. But if spontaneously creating a name is too difficult, you may want to do a little research first to find a good name to start with. The really hard part is applying creativity to the process and that's more tricky to describe.


(But if this is still too much for you I suggest going back to the 'MMO Noobs Simple Tricks' in Part I - chapter #3 that deals with simpler methods.)


FYI: If you look up 'creativity' you'll find a definition like this: Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition or a joke) or an original physical object (such as an invention, a literary work or a painting)


...Or a Name!


This gives me an idea! The word 'phenomenon' is a nice sounding word... how about turning that into a name? What about Phenom Enelle for a female RP character?! And that's creativity in action!! I also like the sound of the word 'theory', so how about changing that to a name... Theorha or the more lore type: Thaeora. And voila... now you have the full name Thaeora Phenom-enelle! (I think I should add this one to my too late it's already published...someone's bound to grab it for themselves - consider it a reward for being the first to read this far ; )


FYI: If I've been working on something for a good length of time and I become submerged or really focused, it seems easier for me to be more creative with the subject. That's what happened just now =^.^=


As I create a name, I usually attach a suggestion to it, of some sort. I like to subtly define my character build in their name. Also, my really good names will have a definite ring to them as if the first and second names belong together and they'll also be totally unique – that's very important to me. That's when I select them for actual use and place them in one of my three name tiers for publication.


However, not everyone can be a winner. Most of my names I reject for one reason or another. It does take a lot of creative thinking and when that runs out, sometimes it helps to acquire a little creative incentive or stimulus.


For instance, once I watched another MMO game-play video on Youtube and came away with 12 good name ideas from the feeling it invoked! And other times I'll be watching a movie and get an idea from the characters or credits. (Indian & Thai names are easily the most interesting.)


So, it does take time and a little effort to forge a good character name, so don't get discouraged too quickly if one doesn't just come to you instantly. Just keep trying to develop your own winner, with the tips I've given you here.


And be patient, I know you'll find what you're looking for eventually, just don't give up trying. But if you're really in a hurry to get started now, I've made over 400 good to great names, for guild use over the year of playing ESO. You can always select one of these now for FREE, if you don't mind one of my more generic, random names.


I'd like to say that I'll actually stop creating ESO names for a while, but it doesn't seem that I can. Something in me continues to seek this creative outlet and I can't stop coming up with new names all the time. And so this creative avenue goes on expanding and improving, little by little. I just hope that it helps some of you and it doesn't go completely wasted.



6 - To Describe Your Build or Not

There are some that say not to name your character according to build type, but I'm not one of them. I imagine the concern revolves around not being able to change your character name at present, and restricting it to one build and not allowing you the option to change this later on, if you want.


Or perhaps it's because in PvP, giving away your character build isn't such a great idea (ie. Kill 20 Templars - achievement)... IDK because I haven't gotten around to playing PvP yet. (That's going to be my next big challenge.)


These are valid arguments you ought to reflect on before making the choice to permanently name your character Blunt Forz Trauma or Death Raizer. However, you do have 7 other PC options to differentiate your PvE from your PvP characters... you've just got to use them. This is where the game starts to get complicated, forcing you to think about better choices before you really know what to decide on.


My advice is to either experiment on your own with PvP, (by getting to level 10 or higher) to see what it's all about, or ask some of the other more experienced guild players what they think of naming your PC according to build. As of this print I can't see any problem with it as long as you're satisfied. It's all a learning experience anyway, that might just change in the future with the next patch. So, I say, let's have as much fun with our names as we can and show those hard-core players we're just as Fearless about ESO.


Despite these concerns, I like to create names according to build type. For instance, I currently give my Templars a 'sweet' name similar to the famous Florence Nightingale who healed so many wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. And so it seems fitting to me to continue in this tradition.


I think, if you're a Nightblade, why not create a name that reflects the sneaky, stealthy side of your skills if you want to. Just don't be too revealing about it (Im a NB so watch out!)... you should be subtle enough to make players wonder a little (Dark Knight Too). In other words, choose loose names that suggest your intent and not obvious ones like sneak or stealth.


Likewise, as a DK or Sorc build you should be able to advertise that in your name if you want to. That's why I developed Ravivo (Cool) for my Templar, Critikaeli Dethrill (Power/tier 2) for one of my DK's and Evoquonel Thunderbolt (Dominant/tier 1) for my Sorc. Dezmund Dazzlur is looking for you. My names suggest my build type but don't restrict anything else about them. (See colour coding legend in RP Names Clearing House.)


I hope this short tutorial has helped you overcome one of the most difficult challngez that any MMORPG offers today...


Çrëatîng Çôôl Chäràçtér Nâmès fôr NV - envy is the Ultimate RP Experience! 


Have a Great ESO day - Vey



∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ͽөѪӁѪөͼ ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞



7.                        ᴖᴗᴖᴗᴖ  S p é ç ï â l  Ç h ä r à ¢ t ë r s  ᴖᴗᴖᴗᴖ


To find these special characters, I did a search online for 'French Accents' first and this brought up a list of smaller more common accents including some other language characters and their respective key codes. Here's what I found to start with and IMO, it's all you'll need to create your own special character names like the ones you've seen in game... Eviliä Thörngrôve


Document Link:

(All editing & highlighting is mine for clarity - this resource is owned by the original author/site)


Q. "How can you put an accent mark on a word on Wordpad?"

Best Answer: This is a short list of characters enterable in just about any Windows word processor, text editor, browser or email client. To get these characters...


1. Make sure your keyboard is in NumLock mode

2. Hold down the ALT key and enter the number on the numeric keypad. (Note that many laptops have a blue FN key that changes a set of keys, also with blue numbers on them, into a numeric keypad.) 


(You can cut & paste them from here to wordpad or use the codes in ESO's character creation screen. ;)


Char ALT sequence...

                (UPPER     lower     Misc)

Ç -128           î -140           Ö -153

ü -129           ì -141           Ü -154

é -130           Ä -142          ¢ -155

â -131           Å -143          œ -0156

ä -132           É -144          í -161

à -133           æ -145         ó -162

å -134           Æ -146         ú -163

ç -135           ô -147          ñ -164

ê -136           ö -148          Ñ -165

ë -137           ò -149          ¿ -168

è -138           û -150          ¡ -173 

ï -139            ù -151 

Hope that helps.


Note: If you're using a laptop and don't know where your numeric numbers are, I suggest plugging in a regular keyboard that has them. =^,^=



∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ ͽөѪӁѪөͼ ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞



8.                         ᴖᴗᴖᴗᴖ N A M E   G E N E R A T O R S ᴖᴗᴖᴗᴖ


If you're looking for a system that will do it all for you, look no further than the online random name generator. There are several really popular ones that deal with just about every MMO out today. However, beware they do tend to be really random and can have trouble handling Argonian or Khajiit lore-based names. 


(I looked these up quickly and don't know how effective they are overall, but they did a reasonable job with all names... top is preferred.) If you find better let me know and I'll include it here - @Veyonda-Quaess


More simplified with better Argonian & Khajiit names:


A popular name generator can be found here:


Behind the (real) Name Generator:


Cool Name Generator- Your Super Cool Scene Kid Screen Name:


Here's a few Male & Female names I found on the ESO generators I looked at. They do appear to be just random letters with no real name appeal. This is clearly apparent with the Argonian & Khajiit names that have no resemblance to lore names at all. (Later, I did find a couple that work well with thesesee 'simplified' link above)


Imperial Male Names 

Pennittus Invant, Gellir Punckwell, Valgator Cinnaria, Viraagius Albausius, etc..


Imperial Female names

Caivario Avidassius, Arenulus Quinntilius, Steder Bincne, Cyrinal Varrianus, Rallulus Vlinonicus...


Male Argonian 

Neeten Galgalus, Bunhsi Lafgulus, Chueeya Androsion, Utahaj Geelcalees, Reere Andreenes...


Female Argonian

Nuraeeta Meseus, Ranama Xemsion, Kasen Canision, Okureva Casmean, Kasha Caesifon...



* * * * *


9 - List of Adjectives:

As mentioned in chapter 3, here are lists of adjectives to help make a simple random name. Here are a few I can think of...


Abnormal, Absolute, Automatic, Black, Blinding, Bloody, Bulging, Belgian, Bastard, Chilling, Crimson, Dark, Dead, Deadly, Decorative, Delicious, Delinquent, Different, Dismal, Dormant, Eloping, Eloquent, Enigmatic, Failing, Fastidious, Fat, Final, Flimsy, Floppy, Frantic, Frightening, Gaping, Giant, Gothic, Hesitant, High, Highly, Honourable, Incredible, Indigenous, Lowly, Minuscule, Mighty, New, Newly, Ordinary, Primal, Racy, Raging, Ruddy, Slim, Spicy, Spooky, Stinky, Super, Tasty, Terrible, Terrific, Thick, Troubling, Unborn, Useless, Vengeful, Veritable, Vital, Voracious, Wicked, Wildly, Wandering, Young, Zealous


For another more comprehensive list look online. You can use this link to a good source of adjectives:


150 Online Adjectives as 2nd Language



∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ E N D ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞



Finally You've Found My FREE RP Names Clearing House Link



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